Microsoft Research
20th International Symposium on
Graph Drawing
Sept 19~21, 2012 | Redmond, Washington

Best Fundamental Paper Award

In occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Symposium on Graph Drawing we decided to initiate a new award category, the “Best Fundamental Paper Award”. This idea was also proposed by some attendees during the GD 2011 Business Meeting.

The “Best Fundamental Paper Award” will be assigned to a single paper (conference or journal, whatever is the number of its authors) published at least 20 years ago, which represents one of the most important contributions in the Graph Drawing research area. The paper that will receive the award will get a special mentioning in the conference web page for its merits.

The best fundamental paper will be elected by a Committee formed by researchers with great expertise in the field of Graph Drawing. This year the Committee is the following:

Best Fundamental Paper Award Committee for GD 2012

    • Ulrik Brandes, University of Konstanz
    • Seok-hee Hong, University of Sydney
    • Stephen Kobourov, University of Arizona
    • Petra Mutzel, University of Dortmund
    • Alexander Wolff, University of Würzburg

    A representative of the Best Fundamental Paper Award Committee will announce the winner at GD 2012, along with a brief explanation of the reasons that led to the choice.

    This year the Best Fundamental Paper Award goes to:

    W. T. Tutte, "How to draw a graph", Proc. London Math. Soc. (3) 13 (1963) 743-68.

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